Lease and Commercial Disputes

It is crucial that both the landlord and tenant’s interests are properly protected in a residential or commercial lease. The circumstance of each lease differs and it is important that the lease is well-drafted to prevent any dispute from arising in the future.

Landlords appreciate our commercial approach to drafting leases. We will advise you on issues such as outgoings, disclosure requirements, rent payment, repairs, maintenance or upkeep, termination and or sub-leasing.

For any tenants, we review and negotiate crucial terms such as the lease term, rent and reviews, options to renew, outgoings and obligations of making good the property once the lease term ends in a particular lease.

There is no “standard” lease that is applicable to every situation. Each lease should be tailored to each specific situation and to the parties’ intentions.

Where applicable, we can assist you with your disputes concerning retail and commercial tenancies such as:-

  • injunction applications
  • relief from forfeiture of lease applications
  • recovery of rent and outgoings in arrears
  • rent review disputes
  • whether options to renew have been exercised
  • recovery of key money
  • damages to leased premises
  • compensation for interference or disruption to trading.

If you require assistance with drafting or interpreting a lease or if you are in the middle of a lease dispute, Eve Legal is here to help you.

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